Missy Hobson

There is no time of the year that recipes are pulled out more then the holidays. Everyone wants to use their best food for whatever occasion and share them with guests. There is nothing better than smelling the spices from a baking pumpkin pie or roasting ham. They always bring back wonderful memories of holidays past.

Just like food, there is a recipe for faith. Also, just like food, faith doesn't always turn out the way you want it to. You need to make sure you have enough of some things and you need to cut back on others. It’s a balancing act.

Being a Christian is hard work - I'm not going to lie! You need to work at the recipe of faith for your entire life, trying to perfect it. Some people also work too hard at trying to make it look good rather then taste good. What I mean by that is not only are you supposed to act like a good Christian on the outside but you are supposed to be a good Christian on the inside.

God knows. He gets to take a piece of the cake and eat it too! There is no better food critique out there than God.

Everyone’s recipe for faith is different, but I'm going to share with you one that I have been working on.

Missy's Recipe for Faith:

-Slice into little pieces 1 cup of forgiveness

-Add 1 cup of patience
-Then add 5 cups of perseverance

-Sprinkle in love

-Salt to taste

-Add 3 teaspoons of Bible verses
-Let simmer on back burner
-Add a pinch of giving
-Stir vigorously and serve over slices of unbelief

It may feed thousands.

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